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Glossary Terms

Glossary  of Roofing Terms

At Century Roofing Limited, we hope to educate our homeowners on any terms undefined. We’ve compiled a handy list of some of the most common roofing terms so that you can understand every step of the roofing process.

  • Canopy

    A part of the roof structure that overhangs an entrance or a door.
  • Cant Strip

    A three-sided strip of wood cut on an angle to provide a sloped transition between the roof deck and an adjacent wall. Cant strips help with waterproofing by closing the gap between the roof deck and any walls.
  • Cap Flashing

    Cap flashing is a form of flashing that keeps water from getting into the upper edges of the membrane base or other types of flashing.
  • Cap Sheet

    Used in built-up roofing, a cap sheet is the topmost roofing sheet that serves to protect the lower layers of a roof membrane. It’s usually coated with a granular substance and can help to extend the life of the roof.
  • Closed Valley

    A valley is the line where two separate sections of the roof meet and drain water off the roof. A closed valley is when the shingles on one side completely cover the shingles on the other side.
  • Closure Strip

    A strip of metal or other material that is used to close gaps in between membranes or other joints.
  • Coping

    A piece of metal, masonry or stone that is used to protect the top of part of a wall from weather and water.
  • Counter flashing

    A shaped piece of metal sheeting that is used to cover and weatherproof the upper edge of the base flashing.
  • Cupola

    A small roofed structure that sits on top, usually in the center, of a larger roofed structure.
  • Cupping

    When shingles start to warp at the edges, forming a cup shape. Cupping is usually a sign that shingles contain a manufacturer’s defect or were installed incorrectly.

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Century Roofing will ensure that each client is happy with their new roofing and/or siding project. We encourage our clients to provide us with feedback on their projects.

Here are some kind works that some of our clients have to say about working with our team.

  • Ethical.respectful.knowledgeable. dependable. And most importantly trustworthy.

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    Century Roofing did a fantastic job at a very reasonable price. I am very happy that I found them for... read more

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    Antonio Davis Avatar Antonio Davis
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    Brayden Anderson Avatar Brayden Anderson

    We had a fantastic experience with Century Roofing. They took care of all our insurance work after a storm. Any... read more

    Krista Kellock Avatar Krista Kellock
  • Excellent professional advice, prompt and solid work

    We had three quotes done for re-roofing our home. Bill’s quote was not just... read more

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