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Can I Get My Roof Replaced In The Winter?

Can I Get My Roof Replaced in the Winter?

Calgary Winter Roof MaintenanceRoof Replacement in the Winter

Calgary winter: its long, cold and arduous, and there are some things that just cannot get done in these dark winter months…
We know you’re here because you’re asking, is roofing one of them?
The short answer is, no; we can replace your roof all year long! A shelter is one of our basic human needs and without a roof, you do not have shelter. So yes, even in our coldest winter months we can repair and replace your roof.

Our team of roofing professionals use various winter roofing techniques when installing in the colder months to ensure that the roof is not affected by the cold temperatures; if not installed properly, shingles can break and/or not adhere properly when installed in the cold weather. Now with this being said, the industry does recommend that new shingles are installed in temperatures over freezing (0 degrees Celsius) especially for certain types of installations and applications.

We request that when inquiring in the winter months that you are patient with our process, we want to do the job right and we know what is best and when roofing can be done. We must strive to keep our customers safe and satisfied and will do our absolute best to have the job done as soon as possible.

Shingle Replacement in the Winter

Typical shingles need heat in order to adhere to the roof, normally this can take up to two weeks of warm weather and sunshine. This warm weather encourages the shingles to seal and if this cannot be done, such as in the winter months, the roofer will often hand seal the shingles instead. Hand sealing entails the roofer sealing each shingle with a special “roofers glue/cement” that will adhere the shingle to the roof and prevent the shingle from being torn off by wind or heavy snow.

It Can Get Too Cold For Shingles, Yes.

Unfortunately, some days it can be just too cold to repair or install a shingle roof in Calgary … if the shingles get too cold, the roofer may have to presume the job another day because when the shingles get cold they get brittle and when they are brittle they cannot be installed properly. Brittle shingles are challenging to cut and can even break when being nailed into the roof. We want to provide you with the very best work, done once and done right.

If You Have No Choice

If you decide to pursue a winter roofing project, we ask that you please be kind to our team when they are working on your roof on these cold days. It takes a special person to get up on a roof in -20 or below, our guys face a variety of additional considerations during their winter installations and will have to use their best judgment and discretion to get the job done.

At Century roofing we encourage you to take good and careful care of your roof during our long winter months. We recommend keeping an eye on your snow and ice build-up and evaluating how much snow your roof can actually withstand. To avoid costly roof fixes in the upcoming spring and summer months we also encourage you to remove snow and ice build-up from your roof with a snow rake or hire a contractor to remove the snow for you. Short term maintenance can prevent long-term costly fixes.

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