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Emergency Roofing Repairs

Emergency Roofing Repairs

Urgent issues regarding your roof can be quite daunting and overwhelming. Weather and environmental damage are uncontrollable and always seem to come at the wrong time. At Century Roofing we provide 24/7 on-call services for urgent and/or emergency repairs or consults.

Unfortunately, roof leaks and roof or siding damage can get very bad very quickly. And, in most cases, the more damage that occurs the bigger the price tag. At Century, we always do our best to tend to your urgent roof needs in as short of a time as possible. We strive to provide excellent service at a fair price, finishing our projects with complete customer satisfaction.

Our first concern during an emergency or urgent situation is to return your roof or siding to its watertight condition. If the rain, hail or snow storm is still occurring following the call though we, unfortunately, cannot tend to the damage until after the storm passes. At Century Roofing our top priority is the safety of the homeowners and our crew.

As the homeowner what should you do about emergency damage?

We depend on our roofs to protect and shelter our home. This important asset protects everything inside our home and a bad wind, storm or fallen tree can put the inside of your home at jeopardy. If a roofing system is compromised, water infiltration can occur, unfortunately.

If you believe your home has been damaged begin by first contacting your insurance and then the roofing company. Often the first thing that will have to be done is sealing the roof and returning it to its watertight condition. This can be done pretty fast and at a relatively low cost. This seal will protect the integrity of the inside of your home. The following steps will be discussed by the homeowner, roofing company and insurance.

What qualifies as an emergency repair?

  • Weather damage: rain, hail, heavy snow, lightning
  • Fallen tree or other obstruction
  • Holes caused by animals who have chewed through the roof
  • Fire

How long will the emergency repair take?

We often get this question and it’s a tough one to answer. Our Century Roofing promise is that we will repair your roof as soon as possible, especially integral leaks or damage that could cause further damage. Nonetheless, when dealing with insurance, claims can sometimes take longer than expected.

We promise to be communicative and to work as quickly as insurance will allow us. It is important to stay calm during these situations and let the professionals get their work done as efficiently as possible.

Of course and as always if you have any concerns, our team is always available to help you.

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