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Get To Know Your Different Home Siding Options

Get to Know Your Different Home Siding Options

Did you know that at Century Roofing we also offer extensive siding services?

We offer both residential and commercial siding installations and have an incredible variety of exterior siding products, with the exception of stucco and concrete.
Most siding competitors in Calgary only offer vinyl siding installation but at Century Roofing we are proud to offer a variety of materials to suit all of your exterior needs.

The siding options we offer include: aluminum, composite, steel, vinyl, and wood.

Siding is an incredibly low maintenance exterior option, suitable for both homes and commercial properties here in Calgary. Siding is easy to maintain only requiring a gentle wash and some dusting a few times a year. Additionally, siding maintains its gorgeous colour integrity over time, withstanding UV sun damage. In addition to its low maintenance, siding is a very durable material. Most siding is said to be indestructible and is resistant to harsh weather, animal and insects.

Our siding at Century roofing comes in a variety of options and colours. Both our pastel and darker premium vinyl and composite siding are UV and weather damage resistant. One of the things we love the most about vinyl and composite siding is that the colour is mixed right into the material as the product is being manufactured. This means that over the lifetime of your siding the colour will never flake or peel off, always maintaining its aesthetic.

Vinyl Siding:

Vinyl siding is the most economical and the #1 seller across Canada and the US today for exterior home material. This incredible product can improve your home insulation and is the most “eco-friendly” material available on the market for homes today.
Vinyl siding will protect your home and enhance the exterior aesthetic, offering your home more curb appeal with its new attractive exterior.

Composite Siding:

Composite siding is one of the newer siding products on the market and has a lot of awesome comparison points to our go-to vinyl siding. Composite siding has a beautiful appearance that is interlocked together. It has remarkable performance and is easy to maintain. It rejects mould, mildew and insects. One of the unique benefits of composite siding is its unparalleled energy efficiency. The unique material does not absorb heat and insulates the home up to 70% better than wood siding.

Aluminum Siding:

Aluminum siding is a cost-effective, durable, low maintenance and eco-friendly siding choice for your home. It is waterproof and does not rust, and if installed properly it can last almost a decade longer than vinyl siding. Unfortunately, aluminum will expand and contract slightly over time with heating and cooling temperatures. This expansion and contraction, in addition to other uncontrollable weather patterns, such as hail, can cause minor damage to the aluminum.

Wood Siding:

Wood siding is a beautiful siding option that is eco-conscious. It is easy to repair and paint but does need some maintenance over time. We love wood for its traditional style and a natural appearance.

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