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Make Your Home Unique with Flat Roofing in Calgary

Most homes have a traditional sloped roof. However, you want your home to look different. You’ve decided to give your house a flat, square, modern appearance because it suits your personal style, but you need to find a company that can assist you in building such a roof.

At Century Roofing Ltd., we offer a variety of flat-roof options to suit your taste and style. Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau in Alberta, we have been repairing, installing and maintaining a variety of roofs since 1981, so you can depend on our crew when you need flat roofing in Calgary. Our roofing contractors will work hard to give your home the beautiful exterior it deserves.

Choose a Flat-Roof Option

We offer the following flat-roof options:

  • Built-up roofing: This solution for flat or low-slope roofs comes in gravel or hot asphalt. It gives your roof excellent protection against UV rays and water damage.
  • EDPM: If you'd like a lightweight option, choose this synthetic rubber. It can last up to three decades, and it is easy to manufacture and install.
  • Torch-on systems: If you would like 2-ply or shingles on your roof, we can install this weather-resistant option. We can apply it new, or we can even apply it over your existing roof.

No matter which option you choose, you'll still benefit from our commitment to provide attractive and long-lasting roofing solutions. We also offer sloped roofing options if you would prefer something more conventional.

How can we help?

Please call 403-235-5457 or fill in the form below to see how we can help you.

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More information about flat roofing

Flat Roof and Commercial Roof Services

When it comes to repair, replacement, and maintenance of the roof on your business, we have a wide variety of materials available that offer performance and cost effectiveness. We can assist you with roofing asphalt and gravel, membrane roofs, and even green roofing, if you desire a vegetated rooftop that helps reduce pollution and increases green space. These types of roofs are different from traditional residential roofs because they are not shingles systems. They often go on as a single or double layer membrane that protects your business from the elements. They also need little maintenance.

  • Includes TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) single ply
  • Reflective membrane
  • A membrane firmly adhered or mechanically fastened to flat roofs
  • Custom flashing work along with cladding
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