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Vinyl Siding Installation in Calgary, Southern Alberta and BC

Century Roofing Limited offers residential and commercial customers professional siding installations of all types of siding and exterior products, except for stucco and concrete.

We proudly give our valued customers residential and commercial siding installation and products throughout most of Calgary.

While some of our competitors only offer vinyl siding installation, Century Roofing Limited offers siding in a variety of materials to better suit your home:

  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Wood

How can we help?

Please call 403-235-5457or fill in the form below to see how we can help you.

Century Roofing Limited respects your privacy and will never sell, exchange or publish your personal information without your written permission.

Siding & Eavestroughing Installation in Calgary


Once we have taken care of your siding installation you can just sit back and enjoy.   The only maintenance you will have to do is to hose off the dust once in awhile.

It is available in pastel or darker premium UV resistant colors to suite your vision. The colour is mixed right in as the siding is being manufactured so it won’t flake or peek off. Because vinyl siding is the most economical it is the #1 seller across Canada and the US

  • Can improve your insulation value to your home with different R Value insulation that wraps your walls before new siding is applied
  • Along with soffit, Fascia we can enhance the look of your home with custom cladding, or smart trim batten work.   Call us for ideas, we might have.
  • Clad over existing window & door frames to give it a nice new look.


Once we have taken care of your vinyl siding installation, you’ll want to protect it as much as possible. We also offer quality continuous eavestroughing services. Eavestroughing is a better, improved version of traditional gutters. These seamless troughs offer maximum protection through efficient water and debris diversion.

We will install the appropriate eavestroughs on your fascia. Our eavestroughs come in aluminum or steel, 5” or 6,” and are readily available in various sizes to create the perfect match for your residence.

  • We use 5” or 6” continuous eavestrough and downspouts.   Available in many colors that will nicely accent your siding.
  • Available in aluminium, galvalume or steel.

Soffit and Fascia

Century Roofing in Calgary offers aluminum and steel soffit and fascia installations. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, we can provide all the roofing services for soffit and fascia repairs. Keep your house looking beautiful and clean with Century Roofing Limited, servicing Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas.

  • This will nicely finish the job, making the overhangs crisp looking and maintenance free.  It is also available in variety of colors to accent your siding
  • Available in aluminum or steel


Over 50 years local experience

Minimum five years workmanship warranty

Family owned & operated for three generations

Expertise in traditional and modern materials

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