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Spring Clean Up – Roof Maintenance Tips

Spring Clean Up – Roof Maintenance Tips

Everyone knows that we had a tough winter here in Calgary; a month of continuous -30 and tons of heavy snow can take a real toll on your roof.
So as we wait for the last bit of snow to melt and eagerly await the greenery and sunshine, we want to encourage you to begin considering an inspection and/or some roof maintenance. Every residential roof could use an annual spring inspection.
But if you don’t have the means or are a DIY’er we have some industry leading tips from some of the most qualified and professional roofers in our city.

Clean your gutters

We can’t express the importance of keeping your gutters clear of leaves, twigs and debris. A gutters job is to promote water and moisture runoff from your roof, prolonging the life of your shingles and roof. When your gutters are full the moisture collects on the roof and damages it. This can eventually lead to leaks in the roof and interior damage to your home. We recommend cleaning your gutters every spring and every fall, trust us it’s worth it.

Check for water and ice damage

Through the winter were there any signs of leakage inside your home? If there was and even if there wasn’t there is a small chance that your home experienced snow or ice damage. This is not uncommon in our city with the harshness of our winters and is relatively easy to fix if caught quickly. If it is not dealt with immediately this water can cause rotting and damage to your roof, insulation, ceiling etc.

Check your shingles

Once again, the freeze and defrost Calgary experiences during our winters can take a real toll on your roof and specifically your shingles. When performing a shingle inspection check to see if any shingles have fallen off, are loose or damaged. Next, check if any nails are popping out. Lastly, check for granule loss, if your shingles are beginning to lose their texture it may be time for a roof replacement.

See signs or buckling, curling, or granule loss in your shingles? It’s time to call in the professionals.

Take to your attic

The attic is a place in the home that many of us never venture; however, in the spring it can be a huge indicator of the health of your roof. Take the time to go up there for an afternoon and look for signs of ice, moisture, mould etc. Did you know leaky roofs can have a large impact on your utility bill?

We hope that you have enjoyed this short and comprehensive list of tips for your springtime roof maintenance and inspection. We like to say that a healthy roof is the first step to a healthy home.
As roofing professionals in the industry for nearly4 decades, we want to provide you with the best advice and service, putting, keeping and maintaining that roof over your head.

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